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Caught in the Middle: Europe’s Role in Sino-Chinese Relations

As the United States and China become increasingly polarized, Europe is placed in an uncomfortable position. On the one hand, the Chinese government offers the promise of cheap goods. On the other hand, the United States offers benefits as Europe’s status as a world power continues to fade.

In Spite of Brexit, European Union Expansion Looks Likely

Nearly two years after the initial referendum shocked the world, Brexit negotiations are still an ongoing process, dominating British politics. On November 25th, EU leaders agreed to a set of Brexit negotiations,…

What Sino-Russo Entente Means for the World Order

On September 18, Chinese Vice Premier Han Zheng met with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow on the first of three days of meeting discussing bilateral relations between China and Russia.  Coming…

For Russia, It’s All in a Name

For years, Southern Europe has been embroiled in a debate over the usage of the name Macedonia. The Republic of Macedonia has claimed the name since the fall of the Iron Curtain…