Tribe Attaché Year in Review: 2019

With the first semester of 2018 coming to a close, it’s important to reflect on the year from the perspective of the Tribe Attaché. It’s been a year of both challenges and successes, and the Executive Board looks eagerly towards 2019 as an opportunity to expand and offer our writers new opportunities, both within the publication as well as within the greater journalism practice.

When the composition of the Executive Board changed in early 2018, new leadership outlined a number of goals – become a Registered Student Organization, achieve physical distribution, and expand both writership and readership. 2018 has brought varying levels of success towards these goals.

We are currently in discussions with the Office of Student Leadership Development towards becoming a Registered Student Organization. We have a Constitution drafted, have submitted all appropriate paperwork, but we need someone to attend the meetings. For varying reasons, no one currently on the Executive Board is best suited to be the point of contact for the College. We are therefore looking for a Head of Distribution to parley with College administration to secure the Tribe Attaché as a Registered Student Organization. This position also controls the eventual paper distribution of the Attaché. It is an EXCELLENT resumé builder and allows for upward mobility in the organization leadership. Applications can be found HERE.

To that end, although we did not receive physical distribution for the Attaché this semester, we are also extremely close. We have been in discussions with the Print Shop and have received a very reasonable quote for physical newspaper-like copies of the Tribe Attaché. In a brief exploratory distribution of a rudimentary newspaper, the Attaché saw moderate success, leading the Executive Board to believe that physical distribution would be a success.

As for successes, we had 17 different people write for us this year. We saw the submissions of op-eds, news stories, and submissions of work written as a part of classwork. We also had a partnership with the Democratic Socialist Party at William & Mary, one that brought a diversity of views to the Attaché.

We have published 50 works since April, an astonishing number, especially given that the Attaché doesn’t publish during the summer. We published as many as five works a week, a number which the Attaché aims for in the second semester.

Administratively, the Attaché received positive feedback on its organizational structure, especially its automated email system. Although there was some learning curve to the workflow management system, it seemed to work well for writers and editors alike.

The Attaché also operated a Facebook and Twitter page, the latter of which retweets relevant news stories as well as posts student work. This year, we also recovered from a website wipe following an accidental shutdown from our website host. The website now has appropriate CSS/HTML, and a style guide that governs writing, publishing, and website organization.

By the end of the 2018-2019 academic year, the Attaché looks to officially be registered with the Office of Student Leadership Development as a Registered Student Organization. We are looking for paper distribution come 2019 and are optimistic about increasing writership.

We look forward to 2019 and how the Tribe Attaché will grow.

Ian Doty

Editor-in-chief, Tribe Attaché

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