Algeria: A Specific Tornado of Unrest

A perfect storm of age, discontent, and societal problems has caused Algeria to erupt in protests, signaling the opportunity for reform.

Trump-Kim Hanoi Summit: Failure or Success?

The clear rift in their understandings and non-negotiables headed into the summit were what led to the failure to reach a deal on denuclearization. However, one may still ask – was the Hanoi summit an overall failure or success, aside from the production of tangible policy outcomes?

Caught in the Middle: Europe’s Role in Sino-Chinese Relations

As the United States and China become increasingly polarized, Europe is placed in an uncomfortable position. On the one hand, the Chinese government offers the promise of cheap goods. On the other hand, the United States offers benefits as Europe’s status as a world power continues to fade.

Corruption and Inflation: The Presidential Conflict in Venezuela

On May 20, 2018, Nicolás Maduro was re-elected to be the Venezuelan President. However, due to the lack of perceived legitimacy, Juan Guaidó also claimed legitimacy and declared himself president. Since that date, the Venezuelan government has been in a state of confusion for nine months. As time has progressed, the living conditions for Venezuelans has gotten worse.